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2020 has give us at Simple Things a lot to work with. Our Christmas card range is bigger than ever. We have a massive 24 funny, sweet and thoughtful festive greeting cards in our collection this year. 

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New Custom Message Cards

For the times we are in I have decided to offer a service whereby I print your message in a card and send it for you. This service means you do not have to leave the house to send a heartfelt greeting card.

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We have just launched a new catalogue of really great funny Irish Made greeting cards for 2019. With over 60 cards to choose from, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

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Christmas greeting cards, proudly made and designed in Ireland!  We’re feeling pretty organised here at Simple-Things with our 2016 Christmas Greeting Card collection at the ready for your festive perusal!  We’ve gone with our signature quirky, sweet and funny greeting card style in a beautiful festive colour palette.  And witty.  Let’s not forget witty! How about this for that cheeky soul? Find the perfect Christmas card for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, family and friends!  We supply our funny Irish Christmas greeting cards wholesale too.  Click >here for more details. Wishing you a successful and stress free Christmas shopping experience!!!...

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We're very excited here at Simple-Things to be working on the wholesale side of the Irish greeting card business.  Our online store has gone from strength to strength, thanks to our fabulous customers (and a little work from us).  With this very much appreciated success, we've decided to ramp up the commercial end of things.  We're spreading the love, retail style!  With several stockists in different corners of Ireland, and more in the pipeline, we're coming to a shop near you, for your tactile viewing pleasure!   For wholesale info on Simple-Things Irish designed and made greeting card company, or...

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