Christmas Cards 2020 - What a Year Huh!?

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Christmas Cards 2020 - What a Year Huh!?

2020 has give us at Simple Things a lot to work with. Our Christmas card range is bigger than ever. We have a massive 24 funny, sweet and thoughtful festive greeting cards in our collection this year. 

What a year 2020 has been to date huh!? Our cards are a reflection of some of the madness that is happening right now. But, we wouldn't be human if we didn't try find a bit of humor in these crazy, unpredictable times.  

funny irish christmas greeting cards

Over the last few weeks, I sat down and thought of the things either I wanted to hear or what I would like to say to a loved one in a card for Christmas 2020. I designed this Christmas card collection as a bit of a reprieve from the seriousness of the situation we have been surrounded by throughout the year. Hopefully these cards will give you or someone you know a much needed laugh.

Funny Irish Christmas cards 2020

In years to come we will be looking through our memory boxes and pull out a Christmas card from 2020, it will all come flooding back to us; A pandemic, locked in our homes for weeks on end, no travel, no toilet paper, no socializing with friends and barely with family. A lunatic running one of the most powerful countries on the planet. Floods, fires, hurricanes, global economic collapse,... holy shit.. someone hand me a glass of wine.. or 12. Remember when Brexit was a big deal!? 

Us Irish are pros at finding a laugh in a totally inappropriate situation. It is how we deal with things. If we aren't making a joke, then relax, things are not too bad. I have a lot of jokes about 2020. 

funny irish artisan greeting cards 2020

It is good to be reminded of these times. Good, awful, boring, we have all been impacted in some way. It would be a shame to pretend it is a normal Christmas, we need celebrate ourselves for making it through, for coming together when all hell is breaking loose.  


funny irish artisan christmas cards 2020
But, we still need a bit of normality, so not all our cards are Covid related. 



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