New Fulfillment Service Available

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New Fulfillment Service Available

New Custom Message Cards

For the times we are in I have decided to offer a service whereby I print your message in a card and send it for you. This service means you do not have to leave the house to send a heartfelt greeting card.

It's really important to keep spirits up at this time, getting a card through the mail might seem like a little thing but for someone in isolation it can be a much needed lifeline to the outside world. 

All cards are prepared with gloves and a face mask. We have been in quarantine since before the lockdown was imposed. My mom is in her seventies so we have essentially been cocooning. I go to the post office 2-3 times a week. All possible precautions are taken, I will not risk my families health so you can be rest assured your safety is a priority also.

I don't want you to think I am trying to capitalize on this event, I genuinely wanted to release a range of cards that will bring comfort to people in self isolation. These can be scary times for the elderly and unwell. As well as the rest of the population. I can't do anything about the fear, but hopefully these cards can make someone feel less alone. They are a bit of a departure from my normal cards. 



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