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We all love getting something back.  Our fave at the moment is free shipping, so we've decided to offer it to our valued customers! Free shipping when you buy 4 or more cards and on all orders over €14.  So stock up your card box and be prepared for all those card worthy events.  Why not get some 'just for fun' cards too.  Always guaranteed to bring a little joy to a special persons day!  Happy shopping people. xx

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Out with the old and in with the new!  We’ve dusted off the cobwebs here at Irish Greeting Cards and gone and designed a whole new and gorgeous website for your (and our) viewing pleasure! ...And not only that!  The creative one has sat down and racked her artistic brain to concoct several new cards for the series.  12 new Irish designed and made sweet and funny greeting cards to pep up anyone’s day.  With lines like ‘You make cute babies’ and ‘I find you rude, crude and utterly hilarious’, what’s not to love? We’re loving our new colours...

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How to Choose the Perfect Greeting Card There’s no hard and fast rules in choosing that perfect card.  It’s all down to personal taste, the relationship between the giver and recipient and with any luck, a little knowledge of the lucky soul receiving your ever so thoughtful gift! The mind boggles at the endless choice available; inspiring quotes, picturesque landscapes, funny, rude, ironic, romantic, cute puppies …the list goes on! We hope it goes without saying that Grandma does not receive scantily clad men and that revered professor may not appreciate fluffy kittens. A home-made option when appropriate is often...

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