Hello !

Simple-Things began with a few birthday cards for friends, I had a lot of cute and funny phrases I had gathered in my head over time. From song lyrics, quotes from friends to random overheard sayings.

I needed an outlet for them, and started printing them as birthday cards. The reaction they received was phenomenal. They were just simple phrases, but evoked something in people that I could not have anticipated.

I began testing them at markets around the city, there is nothing better than hearing a group of friends howling laughing saying things like 'Oh My God- That is So You' or 'This is totally so-and-so, I have to get it for her' 

I keep it simple, a phrase that will catch your eye and instantly you know who it is meant for. 

The cards were picked up by a number of online publications: 'The Huffington Post', 'Bored Panda' The Journal to name a few. 

I have recently added a line of t-shirts, mugs and tote bags.

I hope you like them! 

Aoife x





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