All The Things Elegant Felt Tote Bag

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'All The Things' elegant felt gift handbag for women, Oversize Felt Tote funny slogan print.

Large shoulder bag for ladies that are unusual and fun. These bags make a great gift for birthdays or Christmas, they can be used all year round, a perfect felt bag for life. 

These large size but slim totes are a great over the shoulder carryall, they are medium weight, very well crafted and the fun slogan print makes them very eye catching.

With its square bottom, this tote is perfect for carrying just about anything from laptops to picnics. Reinforced seams makes them very sturdy. A fabulous accessory that is sure to get much attention. Crisp, clean and minimal design great for many occasions. 

Small simple things logo printed on reverse.

2 Colours to choose from:

Charcoal (dark grey) with a white print, Grey (lighter option) with white print

37cm  x 41cm x 11.5cm 

18 Litres 

38 x 42 cm, light-weight, strong quality, fold up neatly, machine washable, short or long handles, plain. Long handles are 74cm



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